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Laying the groundwork for widespread agroforestry in the Midwest.

The Savanna Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to lay the groundwork for widespread agroforestry in the Midwest US. We work in collaboration with farmers and scientists to develop perennial food and fodder crops within multifunctional polyculture systems grounded in ecology and inspired by the savanna biome. The Savanna Institute strategically enacts this mission via research, education, and outreach.

NEW BOOK - Perennial Pathways: Planting Tree Crops

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This book is filled with all sorts of wildly practical ways to integrate perennial crops on your farm. As a comprehensive, 110-page guidebook to designing and installing farm-scale edible agroforestry, this book indispensible for new agroforestry farmers throughout the stages of farm startup: from the outset of envisioning into the thick of planting and managing crops. In the beginning, it will provide sparks to the imagination. Then, the book offers scaffolding for plans to take shape. Throughout, it informs decisions of when to “do it yourself” and when to seek out help. The book is available as a free PDF download and also in physical form shipped directly to you for $26 (S&H included).

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