2020 Perennial Farm Gathering

and Agroforestry Conference


Connect with the Midwest agroforestry community!

December 6-9th, 2020

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: Saturday, October 31st


In a year of social distancing, we believe the Perennial Farm Gathering is more important than ever to help bring the perennial agriculture community together--practitioners, researchers, and perennial agriculture enthusiasts.


This year's gathering will be co-hosted with the Association for Temperate Agroforestry. A large focus of the gathering will feature the hands-down favorite 5-minute Nutshell Show & Tell talks, which are open to all attendees to share success stories, lessons-learned, or nagging questions to help build knowledge across the region.


We are excited to host our keynote panelists: Olive Watkins, co-founder of investment fund to support and center black folks in the food system, and a steward of her family's four generation timber farm in North Carolina. Dr. Jifunza Wright-Carter, President and co-founder of the Black Oaks Center in Pembroke IL; a model farm of conservation education and outreach that focuses on ecological restoration of agricultural land in under served regions to catalyze sustainable economic development. Kathy Dice co-owns and operates Red Fern Farm near Wapello, Iowa, which produces over 80 species of fruit and nut crops and includes a profitable U-pick chestnut model. With a background in natural resource conservation, Kathy has decades of experience in agroforestry management.


Ready to learn something new? Check out research talks, panels on various topics including financing, environmental and social justice, specific agroforestry crops, as well as fun activities to help networking with other practitioners, researchers, ag professionals, and anyone interested in perennial agriculture. More details coming soon!





Though we will all miss the in-person aspects of the gathering, we hope that our online version of the PFG will provide new opportunities to increase participation, lower costs, and build community during these challenging times. Want to continue networking with like-minded folks? Admission to the 2020 PFG will include ongoing access to a new community of practice resource so you can continue conversations, check out talks and resources, and expand your network of farmers, researchers, and agroforestry enthusiasts well after 2020 ends.


Why join us for the online PFG?

  • Make connections with other perennial farmers, researchers and enthusiasts.
  • Get the latest research and crop information from experts in agroforestry.
  • Participate in interactive workshops
  • Expand your knowledge through breakout sessions.
  • Share your work through a 5-minute Nutshell Show & Tell
  • Join us for fun events including cooking demos, yoga, and more!
  • You'll get ongoing access to information, connections, and resources well after 2020!
  • Perhaps best of all, end 2020 inspired by all the great things the community is doing!

What do past attendees say about the PFG?

"Thank you so much for providing this space and opportunity. I have gained so much knowledge hope and inspiration to take on my journey."


"Thanks for planning a wonderful gathering! It helps me, as a researcher to be reminded of the vision that motivated me to get into that work in the first place.  Sometimes research can get a little dry, but the gathering reminded me of the vibrancy of the community we seek to serve."


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