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These one-page information sheets highlight four Midwestern landowners who are implementing agroforestry.


Will Glazik and his brother Dallas are constantly thinking of ways to build the family operation while also investing in areas of land that are currently not in production. Trees provide that opportunity. They started planting trees along the fence lines of their cattle pastures for shade, fodder, timber, and to increase wildlife diversity. In addition, they plan to run hogs through the areas planted in nut trees once they start producing.


The Maxwell family had been thinking of ways to increase revenue on the land while also keeping the family engaged with the farm for future generations. After attending an agroforestry field day sponsored by the Savanna Institute, Kevin hosted the first ever Maxwell Farm family meeting where he shared the history of the property and presented an option for the future: chestnuts.


Rich Tucker and a friend first purchased wooded land in Central Illinois in 2005 as a place to hunt turkey and deer. As a resident of the Chicago area, Tucker missed the landscape he had encountered during his time at the University of Illinois. Shortly after purchase, a timber plan was put into place and the opportunity to become more serious about land stewardship arose when he purchased 55 acres of mixed-use land nearby.

The 128-acre Douglas-Wolter family farm is surrounded by diverse native timber next to the Wabash River. The family has been cash renting the tillable land and managing the timber for sustainable harvest, but recently started looking at ways to diversify both their land and income. Wanting to till less and work more closely with the soil they had, Steve Wolter started researching perennial crops that work well on their property.


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