Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series

This video series, produced by Man Alone Media on behalf of the Savanna Institute, features brief,

in-depth tours of six agroforestry operations that have been laying the groundwork for agroforestry in the Midwest.


Be sure to see the recorded Nutshell Webinars with these agroforesters for more information!


Green Pastures Farm

Shepherd Farms

River Hills Harvest

Hoch Orchard

New Forest Farm

Red Fern Farm

Full Audio Interviews

The full interviews from this project (audio only) are now available as well, both as a downloadable .mp3 file and on the Savanna Institute YouTube channel. You can download or listen to the interviews below.


Greg Judy interview .mp3

Dan Shepherd interview .mp3

Terry Durham interview .mp3

Hoch Orchard interview .mp3

Mark Shepard interview .mp3

Red Fern Farm interview .mp3



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