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Overcoming Bottlenecks in the Midwest Hazelnut Industry:

An Impact Investment Plan

Hazelnuts have been a target tree crop for the Midwest for over four decades. By some measures, progress has been slow, but steady nonetheless. A great many stakeholders have contributed to the industry’s development over the years, and even more are joining today as the need for perennial agriculture becomes clearer than ever.


This report aims to serve as a catalyst for the Midwest hazelnut industry, providing a road map for connecting capital with the key practitioners, researchers, and educators on the ground. We have gathered critical information from across the community of Midwest hazelnut stakeholders, identified the industry’s central development bottlenecks, considered the competing priorities and the contested merit of various approaches to overcome these hurdles, and conducted an objective assessment and ranking of priorities for impact investment.

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Perennial Pathways: Planting Tree Crops

This book is filled with all sorts of wildly practical ways to integrate perennial crops on your farm. As a comprehensive, 110-page guidebook to designing and installing farm-scale edible agroforestry, this book indispensable for new agroforestry farmers throughout the stages of farm startup: from the outset of envisioning into the thick of planting and managing crops. In the beginning, it will provide sparks to the imagination. Then, the book offers scaffolding for plans to take shape. Throughout, it informs decisions of when to “do it yourself” and when to seek out help. The book is available as a free PDF download and also in physical form shipped directly to you for $26 (S&H included).

Agroforestry Long-Term Lease Workbook

This Workbook is for farmers and landowners who have a long-term vision for a piece of land and are willing to collaborate and commit to a lasting arrangement to make such a vision a reality. It offers an overview of legal considerations for long-term leases that address key particularities of agroforestry. While much of this Workbook is framed in the context of agroforestry, many of the issues raised are relevant for farmers & landowners who aspire to enter a long-term lease for annual crop or livestock farming. The full version of the workbook is 73 pages, while the short version is a two-page overview.

Agroforestry for Landowners Resource Packet

This resource packet compiles a wide range of agroforestry information, from overviews of basic agroforestry practices to detailed guides on how to develop long-term agroforestry leases. This guide aims to provide agricultural landowners with a basic understanding of what agroforestry is and how to make it happen on their land.

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Report: Agroforestry Performance, Pests, & Pollinators

Agroforestry systems offer many benefits for farmers and society. The Savanna Institute evaluated three key themes on four establishing agroforestry farms in a SARE-funded research project. The data from this project provided baseline data on the pests and pollinators of these systems. The final report of this project is available here.

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Pioneer Agroforestry Farm Tour Video Series

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

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